5th St SW/NW Adaptive Signal Controls

Project Description:
​The City's Engineering Department is designing for the improvement of traffic signal timing with coordinating the use of our Adaptive Signal Control Technology. We are looking at upgrading to 12 inch vehicle displays and add retro-reflective back plates to existing traffic signal heads.

​Future goals for this project include adding this to our Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) and the State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)

Project Update for March 2017:
​The City has been successful in obtaining the $900,000 from the 2016 Innovative Safety Program via the Washington State Department of Transportation. The goal is to design and construct traffic signal timing improvements along 5th Street NW/SW at West Stewart; 4th Ave; West Main; West Pioneer; 7th Ave; and Fairview Dr./9th Ave.

​This will expand our Adaptive Traffic Coordination System to match the system that is currently functioning along the South Meridian corridor.