Redevelopment: AOB Parking Lot

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is redevelopment of the AOB parking lot being considered?
  • In 2020 the City of Puyallup amended the City's Comprehensive Plan, which includes the revitalization our downtown core. A key piece of this revitalization includes adding more multi-family housing in our downtown, which is a goal for the redevelopment of the AOB parking lot (located at 3rd St SW & W Pioneer). Downtown Puyallup is the city’s centerpiece, bustling with employees, shoppers, and residents, both young and old. Downtown includes a broad and diverse range of housing types, retail uses, services, office uses and public spaces. It allows more people to live close to transit, and enjoy convenient access to many of the places and services they use daily. A walkable, renewed Downtown featuring connected, complete streets, visitor-serving uses, and events provide destination opportunities for residents of Puyallup and the region.
What is the timeline for listing the parking lot and potential redevelopment?
  • The property was listed on January 28, 2021, with Letters of Intent (LOI’s) due Wednesday, March 17th, 2021. City staff and our real estate brokers have reviewed the proposals and we will be making a recommendation to City Council at their May 18th regular meeting regarding the staff-recommended proposal. Following the May 18th Council meeting, this page will be regularly updated with timeline information and important updates. We suggest you check back for further details. 
How can community members participate in current and future discussions? Will we receive updates?
  • As the City proceeds with selecting a developer, opportunities for community members to share input will be provided. As part of that process, the City will host a Zoom Town Hall in coordination with the chosen developer, for community information and feedback. The City will also provide regular updates via the city website and social media on other opportunities, such as surveys and further community discussion. 
How do we submit our concerns or general comments for consideration?
  • You can direct all comments and questions to Community Relations Coordinator, Erica Unruh, by email: or by phone: (253) 864-4184. We welcome and encourage all feedback. 
Transportation is an issue for all community members and especially a concern for older adults. What other transportation options are there near the Puyallup Activity Center that could be utilized?
  • The Puyallup Connector bus line 425 has a regular service that drops off on Pioneer Ave & 3rd St SW next to the Activity Center. See schedule here. For other Pierce Transit routes in and out of downtown Puyallup, see the map here. To access a shuttle for those with mobility issues, visit Pierce County's shuttle service page here.
What alternative parking is being considered for individuals utilizing the Activity Center and surrounding businesses?
  • The City is currently exploring several options for parking, including potentially adding angled on-street parking, reassigning spots in nearby City parking lots, and adding additional handicapped permit parking spots near the front of the Center. Also being considered is additional general use parking in the downtown core, to increase options for able-bodied visitors to downtown.
Is there a parking plan being considered for vendors and attendees during the Famers Market, Concerts in the Park events, Meeker Days, and other large events in downtown, during which time parking is already at capacity?
  • As part of the Downtown Parking Study that is underway, the City will be considering wayfinding signage to better help people locate downtown parking. There is a total of 2,481 parking spaces within the Puyallup downtown area (1,519 on-street parking spaces and 962 off-street parking spaces) so the City will consider putting a plan in place to help vendors and attendees find parking during a large event.
Does redevelopment of the AOB lot mean there are future plans for selling or closing the Activity Center?
  • No, there are no plans to sell the Puyallup Activity Center. The City created the center to act as a place where physical, emotional, and economic well-being of Puyallup residents is promoted. We appreciate and respect our aging community and will continue to promote their participation in all aspects of community life. The Puyallup Activity Center holds a special place in our community and will continue to serve its customers. 

Additional City Owned Parking Lots located in the Downtown Core

City-owned lots that can be used for general use. Parking for Puyallup Activity Center users and for general use currently being assessed as a component of the redevelopment agreement.
Downtown parking lot map