Puyallup City Hall History

The Puyallup City Hall was dedicated on August 8, 2008. The building sits approximately on the same site of the old Redmen's Opera House (JPG), which was used as a City Hall until 1949 (JPG) when an earthquake damaged it so badly the building was condemned and torn down. In 1952 the city hall was located in a building at W Pioneer and 3rd (JPG) until it was vacated in 2005 to build the new Puyallup Activity Center.

Downtown Redevelopment

The first building in Puyallup's renaissance was the construction of the new Puyallup Library which opened in 2002. Another 2 new buildings quickly followed, with the opening of Pioneer Park Pavilion (JPG) in 2004 and the Puyallup Activity Center (JPG) in 2006.
Puyallup's first mayor and founding father, Ezra Meeker deeded his land to the city, now known as Pioneer Park. The city's first library was built in the park and it was the vision of city leaders to cluster city buildings around Pioneer Park.
Old City Hall, Before Being Damaged by an Earthquake